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URGENT: Disastrous storms in Midwest, including floods & tornado leave animals stranded.

The National Weather Service (NWS) reports there were as many as 110 tornadoes over the three-day Memorial Day holiday weekend, including 60 reports of tornadoes on Monday alone in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Colorado, Nebraska and the large twister which touched down in Ohio.

American Red Lion is providing comfort and support for animals across multiple states as tornadoes and flooding continue to devastate communities.

There are temporary shelters that need medical supplies, comfort items, and food for these pets. There are literally thousands of animals, if you only knew, that rely on us to save them. But we are only able to respond to all of these locations because of supporters like you! Please help if you can. The voiceless need us and your donations are appreciated more than you know. Thank you!

Please consider a donation.

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