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About American Red Lion

What We Do

American Red Lion The mission of the American Red Lion Disaster Fund is to identify the credible, sustainable, boots on the ground local animal welfare organizations that can immediately provide for the urgent rescue and care of abandoned animals by providing them with the funds and supplies needed to assist.

The Problem

There are over 25,000 Animal Welfare Organizations, 10,000 Animal Hospitals, and 1.3 million livestock farms in the United States and people keep donating to the same charities over and again because they do not know whom to donate to. Local animal shelters, hospitals, small farms, and other organizations who are boots on the ground rescuing animals during disasters are not getting the funds and supplies needed to assist to save the unusually high number of animals needing to be saved during disasters.

NOTE: 79% of all households in the US own at least one dog or one cat. But there is no system in place for families to bring their pets when disaster strikes. As a result, people are forced to leave their animals behind to suffer and die.

Our Vision

To create a permanent and universal system for housing animals during disasters.


If the local animal shelters and hospitals have funds and a venue to house the animals, many are willing and capable of staying with family pets during the disaster until they can be reunited with their families.

How We Do It

We are very careful researchers.  There are over 25,000 Animal Welfare and Animal Rights nonprofit organizations and 10,000 Animal Hospitals in the United States, but not everyone is honest, skilled, and most importantly on the front lines helping. 


Furthermore, after major disasters, individuals are known to set up fake websites claiming to be a charity as they prey on people's emotions. 

Here At American Red Lion



We start by utilizing our national list of Animal Welfare nonprofit organizations and Animal Hospitals broken down by city, state and zip-code, to identify the groups that exist in the affected region.



We then utilize the same list to identify each groups ratings and authenticity with the IRS and American Veterinary Medical Association by validating their EIN# or License#.



We read about the organization’s mission, goals, and history of success by  googling their organizations website, Facebook pages, press releases, and testimonials to validate their work. 



Lastly, we follow and stay with the Top Animal News Journalists and Emergency Management and Disaster News 24/7 to  find out who is actually on the front lines doing the rescuing.



From there we can collaboratively work with these groups by providing funds, supplies, or other resources needed for the rescues.

History Of American Red Lion

When Hurricane Matthew hit my hometown in Wilmington, NC in 2016, I donated through a website Next to a group of people I never met. I had no idea if these people were honest.  I had no idea if the funds were going to help rescue the animals. I just knew I wanted to help the animals. It too...

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