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The American Red Lion Team

We are the people who make our business go. We are the people who put people, animals, and the planet before profits. We are the people who will create a world where all animals will be respected and treated humanely. Why? Because we are compassionate and we won't sit back and watch our animals suffer or being abused; we just won't.


Janelle Babington

Executive Director 

CEO of a Raleigh based startup company for association management for 12 years. Successfully sold the company and started a division for a major Real-estate brokerage firm. Planned and presided over 100 plus board meetings. Janelle has an overwhelming passion to stop animal abuse and to aggressively work for certified humane practices for our animals. She is an active philanthropist.

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Sabrina Dively

Associate Director 

Sabrina Dively, Principal and CEO of Central Communications Group has more than 20 years in management and creative production with numerous private sector and government agencies. She has extensive experience with nonprofits and found her heart and passion working with the underserved and underfunded.

Meet The Board Members

These are the people who articulate our organization's goals & means. They determine which organizations are consistent with the organization's mission and monitor their effectiveness. In addition to adherence to legal standards and ethical norms, they help secure adequate resources for the organization to fulfill its mission.

Sam DiFranco.jpg

Sam DiFranco

Board Member

Sam is a partner with Trinity Partners based in Raleigh, NC. A full service brokerage company that services retail, Investment Property and offers tenant representation. Sam has effectively started and exited several businesses. He’s also a very active member in the Raleigh community with a strong allegiance to The Tammy Lynn foundation Center; a nonprofit that helps children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Sam currently sits on the Board of directors for the American Red Cross in Raleigh, NC.


Charles Babington

 Board Member

Charles has a background in law and equity and real estate investments.  After practicing law, he became one of four managers of Babington Management, LLC, which oversees a portfolio of various equity holdings and commercial real estate projects located throughout the US.

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