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A message from the Founder and Executive Director: American Red Lion Bids Farewell

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Dear American Red Lion supporters,

It is with regret that American Red Lion Disaster Fund (ARL) will cease operations on

January 31, 2021 so that I can focus my energy on Animal Victory; a compassionate advocacy group that fights animal abusers through the use of petitions.

I would like to give a huge thank you to every person who supported this non-profit since its inception. Because of YOU, American Red Lion was able to provide financial assistance and/or supplies to over 68 organizations and four families needing help during one of 13 crises, including hurricanes, wildfires, abuse cases, and COVID, during the past four years. Please click here for a list.

I can't begin to tell you how powerful the impact of your donations were for some of the organizations and people who were rescuing animals during horrendous situations. For some, as little as $100 was met with so much gratefulness. Organizations and individuals consistently thanked ARL for finding and assisting them with funds or supplies. Not only did your donations help these afflicted animals, it gave these rescuers hope and the determination to keep going during difficult times. Please click here to view and read testimonials from some or all of the organizations you provided help for.

American Red Lion Disaster Fund was a very successful program and it still is truly needed as a platform to find and assist some of the 25,000 plus animal rescue organizations that exist in the U.S. alone, during difficult times. I tried to pass the torch several times for someone to continue with its mission without luck.

Saving animals is my true passion. One thing I learned from American Red Lion is that there are tens of thousands of legitimate animal welfare/rights organizations in the world that are dedicated to saving animals. And although many have different philosophies as to how to save the animals, I firmly believe we ultimately all have the same vision for the same outcome. To create a world where all animals will be treated with respect.

Thank you again for your love and support.

I hope you will always feel good and be proud of the assistance you provided to these animals when they needed you the most.💗

Please visit my ongoing work to save animals at

Very Truly,

Janelle Babington

Founder & Executive Director

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