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Australia Wildfire 2019-Featured is Kat Agar-Teehan from Little Urchins Wildlife Sanctuary

During the recent wildfires in Australia, American Red Lion discovered a few separate individuals/organizations doing unbelievable work saving the animals. Check out a few of the Facebook pages, website and work here.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure, American Red Lion focuses on fundraising efforts on behalf of local shelters, hospitals, and people who are boots on the ground rescuing animals during disasters and who understand the problems that need to be solved, but who do not have a platform to stand on to solicit funds.

When disasters strike we start researching and doing detective work 24/7 to identify the legitimate, hardworking local organizations and people who are saving the animals as opposed to the scammers! Every dime American Red Lion donates is donated with extreme caution.

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