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Saving Animals From Hurricane Isaias

Tropical Storm Isaias pounded through the Caribbean and affected the islands of the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Isaias then made landfall in the U.S. along the coast of the Carolinas on Monday and continued north along the East Coast, leaving hundreds of animals needing care.

PLEASE help us continue our work as our need to help professionals deploy, send in necessary supplies, and provide medical care for the animals can only exist with your support! Thank you for your love and generosity. We refuse to leave animals behind during disasters!

Because of your donations, American Red Lion helped 42 organizations search and rescue thousands of animals abandoned during the past four hurricanes. Our vision to provide housing for animals in hurricane prone areas also remains.

PLEASE use this link to donate and help us continue our work.…

American Red Lion has earned the Great Nonprofit badge since its inception, as well as the Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, the nation's leading nonprofit rating organization. In January 2020, American Red Lion was certified by America's Best Local Charities.

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