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Wilmington NC Pet Food Pantry Donate Here

Wilmington NC Pet Food Pantry has teamed up with a local nonprofit organization, American Red Lion, to collect cash donations for pet food for the people and animal shelters of Wilmington and the surrounding areas during COVID-19 as well as other major disasters.

The ongoing health crisis has city officials requiring non-essential businesses to close their doors in some of the most affected areas. Most Animal Shelters are considered non-essential.😔 We are also seeing hordes of people who can’t feed their pets because they’ve lost their jobs and have no money.

You can help by donating to Wilmington's NC Pet Food Pantry, through American Red Lion, by using this link. All donations will be used to provide food and supplies to animal shelters or individuals in the Wilmington and surrounding areas who are facing hardships at this time. Please spread the word!

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