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The Getty, Tick, Kincade, and Sonoma Wildfires are horrifying!

Update on the Getty, Tick, Kincade, and Sonoma fires Wildfires. Emergency Disaster Management briefing wrote about Firefighters battling these destructive wildfires in Northern California wine country and on the wealthy west side of Los Angeles, trying to beat back flames that forced tens of thousands to flee their homes.

California's biggest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, has cut off power to an estimated 2.5 million people in the northern part of the state over the weekend in yet another round of blackouts aimed at preventing windblown electrical equipment from sparking more fires. More shut-offs are possible in the next few days.”

These Raging wildfires in the Northern Region of California are starting to resemble the 2018 Camp Fires, the worst fire season in the state's history, that left thousands of animals with burned paws, whiskers, and faces. It was ONLY because of your donations, that rescuers were able to care for and rehabilitate hundreds of these suffering, scorched animals. Many were returned to their original homes because of you and your donations. Here we are again and the story will be similar. Hundreds will be running around aimlessly trying to outrun the fire without food or water, while burning their paws. Rescue workers will find as many of them as possible and will be able to help them with your donations. Please help us-it’s going to be desperately needed to save these burned and homeless animals. Thank you!


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