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Kountry Kennel boarding owner facing animal cruelty charges. Abuse allegations. Customers dog died.

Enterprise, Alabama

May 24, 2019

Aubrey Held and her husband, Stephen, notified the authorities that their dogs, Kennedy and Butkus, were in poor condition when they picked them up. Held said,

"These previously healthy, happy, tail wagging family members came home stinking from the ROT of probably being caged the whole time in their own urine and feces, and this was after she gave them a bath. Which is very weird! Why on earth would she have to give our dogs a bath right before us picking them up. They both came home lethargic, and listless.

Our boy dog Butkus was so hungry he ate two of his normal serving sizes, mind you we were finally able to pick them up at 8:20 pm so our dogs should’ve eaten dinner already! Kenny, our girl dog, was so bad off that Donna’s son carried her out to my husbands truck, not walked…Donna said “she was having a hard time with separation anxiety and she was walking unbalanced and she had been panting a lot.”

American Red Lion does not recommend this organization.

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