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Emergency Wildfire in California- 7542 acres burned and wandering animals need our help!🐾😢

In Sylmar, the northernmost portion of the valley, a wildfire has spread westward at a rate of 800 acres an hour into Granada Hills and Porter Ranch, where subdivisions crowd against the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountains. As of 10/11/2019 The fire burned an estimated 7,542 acres. It was just 13% contained as of the latest official report. It's burning mostly within the city of L.A., but also into parts of unincorporated L.A. County.

Because of the intensity of the fire and the speed many people were taken by surprise and evacuation has been difficult, treacherous and once again animals abandoned.

Large-animal evacuation centers have been set up to prevent horse deaths. People have been encouraged to release their animals from confinement so they have a chance to escape. Rescuers will be waiting to rescue and provide medical care for the abandoned and wandering homeless animals that will need unfathomable medical care from Burns as well as food and shelter. Please help us if you can. We are more appreciative than you could ever know. Thank you!

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