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California's Wildfire: 6th most destructive fire in California's history. November 2018.

Ostrich wanders aimlessly through wildfire.

Currently field teams in the region will continue watering and feeding animals in the affected areas until December 22nd. After that local residents are responsible for supporting their animals.

Please don't forget about this! Rescue groups are still working under stressful conditions with the animals. The recovery process for major disasters is at least one year and hundreds of animals still need to be reunited. Your generosity and support is very much appreciated and will help tremendously with the campfire animals.

Re-cap-On December 3rd, four year old famous researched Mountain Lion named P-64 was found dead in Woolsey Zone. All 4 paws burned.

What’s happening with the wildfire? The fire is officially out as of 11/24/2018 Stats per & reported as the largest fire in CA history.

Residents displaced about 52,0000. 13,954 homes and 514 commercial buildings destroyed. 84 deaths, 605 missing.

What is happening to the animals caught up in this nightmare? Again, please don’t give up on the animals yet. We still need support.

Current reports still show heartbreaking images of animals that either couldn’t outrun the fires – which were exacerbated by incredibly strong winds – or died from the smoke. Hundreds of thousands are displaced, their habitats destroyed.

For the bigger animals, it was a case of fleeing, and that's where the casualties most likely lie. We still need help. When people are displaced, their animals are displaced. It’s not over yet. The recovery is just beginning as we try to help find and reunite pets with their families and rehabilitate animals back into the wild.

The devastating wildfires put countless animals in danger, including displaced pets, stray animals and wildlife caught in fire zones. There were approximately 1451 animals rescued in area shelters as of 11/12. There are many nonprofits, rescues and shelters on the ground that could use your support. Thousands of animals are still currently wandering around aimlessly without food, water or shelter in and around Thousand Oaks, California.

Over 5000 calls came in through the hotline for animal rescue since 11/08. The two monstrous blazes have claimed a total of of nearly 400 square miles, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

😊❤️🙏We are so happy to have been affiliated with this group who worked tirelessly to save the animals during the wildfires. Janelle Babington and Sabrina Dively.

Just want to say thank you to Janelle and everyone involved with the American Red Lion Disaster Fund. Over 14,000 homes were destroyed during the recent Camp Fire in Northern California. The North Valley Animal Disaster Group, working with County emergency services, received over 10,000 calls to help shelter and evacuate animals. Our rescue and evacuation teams worked tirelessly to bring animals out of the fire area, and into four emergency animal shelters set up for the response. These shelters housed over 2000 animals during the height of the disaster. Without the generous financial assistance of individuals, groups, and funds like the American Red Lion Disaster Fund, we could not do our work taking care of the animals. Thank you so much for your support!

This is North Valley Animal Disaster comforting horses burned and distressed from the fire

North Valley Disaster Group working miracles.

Sampson Reunion-makes us cry.

You can still help us save the victims of the wildfire.

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