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Bahamas: Feed-Spay-Neuter Project 2020

10 thousand dogs and cats and counting! We need Food and we need to Spay and Neuter.

Bahamas: Feed-Spay-Neuter Project 2020 has one goal. To reduce the population of stray dogs and cats on the island and stop the suffering.

Project 2020 Bahamas will focus on Feeding, Spaying and Neutering as many of the stray 10,000 dogs and cats on the island. Each year over 4,000 cats and dogs starve to death or die from lack of veterinarian care in the Bahamas. This year over 5,000 animals were abandoned by their owners just from Hurricane Dorian in both Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands.

Animal Rescuers on the islands tell their stories and they cry as they watch animals starve and die in front of them. These stray animals living in filth, without food, water, or shelter, Potcakes and Potcats (the names given to stray dogs and cats,) are in desperate need of food as we rescue them one by one to be spayed and neutered to curb the population. American Red Lion is working hand in hand with our rescuers, primarily Keith Cooper, and veterinarian Doctor Chante Wildgoose, who will spay and neuter the animals at a low cost. With the worst hurricane disaster to hit the northern Bahamas in history, the trauma for these animals is incomprehensible. They need your help and they need it now.

Please can you help the animals in the Bahamas? Every donation you give, no matter what the size, helps these animals and we are so grateful for you.

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